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Samantha & Richard | Beachy Head | Engagement Shoot


Samantha, Richard and I went down to Beachy Head for an engagement shoot. They are no strangers to the blog having been featured earlier last year here St Paul’s engagement shoot in London. I’ve done a few double engagement shoots this year – and it’s a great chance to try new things and experiment. Quite how they had the stamina for another shoot with me I don’t know – but m glad they did 🙂 I had not been to Beachy Head before but boy am I glad they suggested it! It has to be one of the most epic locations I’ve been to for an engagement shoot. With huge white cliffs overlooking the sea it makes for some incredible photos. We were even treated with a display from the Red Arrows which was pretty cool! It was some day out…

After a bit of a walk along the cliffs we headed down to the beach for a wander. Again, they deserve top marks for the outfit choices – they suited the whole seaside/beach/nautical theme down to a T.

I actually received their save the date with a few of the images on – it was great to see them come out in print so well (and to see them used!) The countdown to the wedding is on!

beachy-head-engagement-shoot-001 beachy-head-engagement-shoot-002 beachy-head-engagement-shoot-003 beachy-head-engagement-shoot-004 beachy-head-engagement-shoot-005 beachy-head-engagement-shoot-006 beachy-head-engagement-shoot-007 beachy-head-engagement-shoot-008 Beachy Head Engagement Shoot beachy-head-engagement-shoot-010 beachy-head-engagement-shoot-011 beachy-head-engagement-shoot-012 Beachy Head Engagement Shoot beachy-head-engagement-shoot-014 beachy-head-engagement-shoot-015 beachy-head-engagement-shoot-016 beachy-head-engagement-shoot-017 beachy-head-engagement-shoot-019 beachy-head-engagement-shoot-020 beachy-head-engagement-shoot-021 beachy-head-engagement-shoot-022 beachy-head-engagement-shoot-023 Beachy Head Engagement Shoot beachy-head-engagement-shoot-025 beachy-head-engagement-shoot-026 beachy-head-engagement-shoot-027


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