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Sharon & Kris | Dewsall Court | Wedding

it was great to return to this favourite venue of mine to take Dewsall Court wedding photos. Sharon and Kris had a belter of a wedding day. Outdoor ceremony. Check. Acoustic duo. Check. Beatles music during the ceremony. Check. Bowties. Check. A thousand paper cranes. Check. Amazing weather. Check.

It wasn’t my first Dewsall Court wedding – and it was fantastic to return to this venue. If I was getting married again this place would be high on my list of potential venues. I think it’s one of the best kept secrets around. Kris has to be one of the most colourful guys I have ever met. We had an engagement shoot a few months prior to the big day so I knew exactly what to expect, or rather to expect the unexpected. When it came time for the best man speech he wasn’t short on material. Sharon looked so beautiful in her Augusta Jones wedding gown, rustic flowers from Love LilyHarriet Wilde shoes – the look was complemented beautifully with hair by Sheena’s Wedding Hairstyles. Sheena, BTW is an absolute legend of a lady. If she lived closer to me I’d take her out for weekly coffee.

Kris was one of the best dressed grooms I’ve seen with suits from Clifton Suits and bowties from Kate Temple. I’m sure his entourage of ushers were pretty taken with the look too.

Big ups to Ashmore Acoustics who played throughout the ceremony and afternoon reception – they were insanely good! I kinda wish they’d stayed for the evening!

Lastly a big thanks to Alex for his help on the day! Several of the photos are his.

Here are a few of my favourite images – enjoy!

dewfall court wedding photos Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-002 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-003 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-004 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-005 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-006 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-007 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-008 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-009 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-010 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-011 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-012 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-013 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-014 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-015 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-016 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-017 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-018 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-019 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-020 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-021 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-022 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-023 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-024 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-025 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-026 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-027 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-028 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-029 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-030 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-031 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-032 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-033 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-034 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-035 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-036 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-037 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-038 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-039 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-040 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-041 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-042 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-043 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-044 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-045 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-046 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-047 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-048 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-049 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-050 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-051 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-052 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-053 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-054 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-055 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-056 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-057 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-058 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-059 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-060 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-061 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-062 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-063 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-064 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-065 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-066 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-067 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-068 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-069 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-070 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-071 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-072 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-073 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-074 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-075 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-076 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-077 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-078 Dewsall Court Wedding Photos Dewsall Court Wedding Photos Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-081 Dewsall Court Wedding Photos Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-083 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-084 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-085 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-086 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-087 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-088 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-089 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-090 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-091 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-092 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-093 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-094 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-095 Dewsall-Court-Wedding-Photos-096 Dewsall Court Wedding Photos

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