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Fiona & Ryan | Day After Wedding Photos


Only my second post wedding shoot, I headed down to Dorset to see Fi and Ryan. A pretty accomplished wedding photographer herself we got together for some ‘day after wedding photos.’ They got married some time ago (and had another amazing photographer shoot their day) but it was a great opportunity to get dressed up once again and take more epic photos. Whilst I don’t do as many day after wedding photo shoots as I’d like to, it gives me an amazing creative opportunity to take stunning photos, collaborate with like minded people and go to a beach and have fun!

Just before the shoot started I headed in to their cute little cottage for a look around. Almost every wall had a beautiful large print from their wedding hung up on the wall. I have a few of my own in my house and it’s great to see wedding photos out and displayed proudly – I hope a few of these made it to the printer! A huge thank you for having me come along and take your picture. For the incredible locations we visited and for been such good models 🙂

day-after-wedding-photos-002 day-after-wedding-photos-003 day-after-wedding-photos-004 day-after-wedding-photos-005 day-after-wedding-photos-006 day-after-wedding-photos-007 day after wedding photos day-after-wedding-photos-010 day-after-wedding-photos-011 day-after-wedding-photos-012 day-after-wedding-photos-013 day-after-wedding-photos-014 day-after-wedding-photos-015 day-after-wedding-photos-016 day-after-wedding-photos-017 day-after-wedding-photos-018 day-after-wedding-photos-019 day-after-wedding-photos-020 day after wedding photos day-after-wedding-photos-022 day-after-wedding-photos-023 day-after-wedding-photos-024 day-after-wedding-photos-025 day-after-wedding-photos-026 day after wedding photos day-after-wedding-photos-028 day-after-wedding-photos-029 day-after-wedding-photos-030 day-after-wedding-photos-031

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  1. Brilliant! You have beautiful locations, yes, but you really got them comfortable and interacting so well in front of your camera. So lovely.

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