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Black & White Mondays – The Speeches

The speeches are without doubt one of my favourite times of the wedding day. A lot of people are less keen, and sometimes I’ll admit they can go on – but for the most part they are like a Pixar movie – something for everyone! Today’s photo is from Louisa and Jez’s wedding in Surrey. A flipping’ amazing day! Most weddings I go to have the father of the bride, the groom and the best man deliver speeches. However, every now and again I’m treated to a speech by the mother of the bride, the maid of honour or the bride. I love it! It really mixes things up nicely. Often times they have something new to add to the mix and bring something new to the table. They can also end up being pretty personal which for me is great because the more personal you can be, the better the photos!

Well, this photo is of Louisa and her mum hugging it out after her mum’s speech. I remember it pretty clearly, knew it was coming and thankfully managed to find a gap to take this shot.

If you didn’t read the previous post I talked a bit about why I might convert a colour image to black and white. Most of my work is pretty colourful – and this image certainly looks ‘okay’ in colour. But it looks even better in black and white. Strip out the colour and the photo becomes classic and timeless. For me, this is a timeless moment – if it had happened to me I’d want to remember it forever. Also, amongst all the other colour images this moment really stands out from the crowd.

I really hope you like it!

black and white wedding photography

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