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Lucy & Gareth | Hyde Barn | Wedding


I’m really lucky to do Hyde Barn photography every year – it’s a really cool little venue in the Cotswolds. Lucy and Gareth’s wedding was one to remember. Their hard work with amazing styling detail really paid off and the beautiful light we had was the icing on the cake. I met these two a few months before the wedding for an engagement shoot and it was great to get to know them a little better before the big day. I was ultra enthusiastic because I love outdoor weddings. I remember feeling pretty nervous about the weather as it can go any way in June! Luckily it seems that keeping everything crossed worked and it was sunny for their outdoor ceremony.

Lucy wore a beautiful dress from Stella York and he talented Emily Tarrant did an amazing job with the makeup. The beautiful flowers are from Cotswold Blooms and the cake is from Harlequin Cakes. Gareth and his ushers looked really good in bright blue suits from Oxford House Suit Hire. It really suited the vibe of the day and it was great to meet and work alongside Ben from Foster Filming.

Please scroll on down to see my favourites form the day (and Lucy’s amazing dress!) If you’d like to see more Hyde House Wedding Photos then check out the link.

Hyde-Barn-Photography-001 Hyde-Barn-Photography-002 Hyde-Barn-Photography-004 Hyde-Barn-Photography-006 Hyde-Barn-Photography-007 Hyde-Barn-Photography-008 Hyde-Barn-Photography-009 Hyde-Barn-Photography-010 Hyde-Barn-Photography-011 Hyde-Barn-Photography-012 Hyde-Barn-Photography-013 Hyde-Barn-Photography-015 Hyde-Barn-Photography-016 Hyde-Barn-Photography-017 Hyde-Barn-Photography-018 Hyde-Barn-Photography-019 Hyde-Barn-Photography-020 Hyde-Barn-Photography-021 Hyde-Barn-Photography-022 Hyde-Barn-Photography-023 Hyde-Barn-Photography-024 Hyde-Barn-Photography-025 Hyde-Barn-Photography-026 Hyde-Barn-Photography-027 Hyde-Barn-Photography-028 Hyde-Barn-Photography-029 Hyde-Barn-Photography-030 Hyde-Barn-Photography-031 Hyde-Barn-Photography-032 Hyde-Barn-Photography-033 Hyde-Barn-Photography-034 Hyde-Barn-Photography-035 Hyde-Barn-Photography-036 Hyde-Barn-Photography-037 Hyde-Barn-Photography-038 Hyde-Barn-Photography-039 Hyde-Barn-Photography-040 Hyde-Barn-Photography-041 Hyde-Barn-Photography-042 Hyde-Barn-Photography-043 Hyde-Barn-Photography-044 Hyde-Barn-Photography-045 Hyde-Barn-Photography-046 Hyde-Barn-Photography-047 Hyde-Barn-Photography-048 Hyde-Barn-Photography-049 Hyde-Barn-Photography-050 Hyde-Barn-Photography-052 Hyde-Barn-Photography-054 Hyde-Barn-Photography-055 Hyde-Barn-Photography-056 Hyde-Barn-Photography-057 Hyde-Barn-Photography-059 Hyde-Barn-Photography-060 Hyde-Barn-Photography-061 Hyde-Barn-Photography-062 Hyde-Barn-Photography-063 Hyde-Barn-Photography-064 Hyde-Barn-Photography-065 Hyde-Barn-Photography-066 Hyde-Barn-Photography-067 Hyde-Barn-Photography-068 Hyde-Barn-Photography-069 Hyde-Barn-Photography-070 Hyde-Barn-Photography-071 Hyde-Barn-Photography-072 Hyde-Barn-Photography-073 Hyde-Barn-Photography-074 Hyde-Barn-Photography-075 Hyde-Barn-Photography-076 Hyde-Barn-Photography-077 Hyde-Barn-Photography-078 Hyde-Barn-Photography-079 Hyde-Barn-Photography-080 Hyde-Barn-Photography-081 Hyde-Barn-Photography-083 Hyde-Barn-Photography-084 Hyde-Barn-Photography-085 Hyde-Barn-Photography-086 Hyde Barn Photography Hyde-Barn-Photography-088 Hyde Barn Photography Hyde Barn Photography Hyde-Barn-Photography-091 Hyde-Barn-Photography-092 Hyde-Barn-Photography-093 Hyde-Barn-Photography-094 Hyde-Barn-Photography-095 Hyde-Barn-Photography-096 Hyde-Barn-Photography-097 Hyde-Barn-Photography-098 Hyde-Barn-Photography-099 Hyde-Barn-Photography-100 Hyde-Barn-Photography-101 Hyde-Barn-Photography-102 Hyde-Barn-Photography-103 Hyde-Barn-Photography-104 Hyde-Barn-Photography-105 Hyde-Barn-Photography-106 Hyde-Barn-Photography-107 Hyde-Barn-Photography-108 Hyde-Barn-Photography-109

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  1. Your standard is so high Bert! Another exceptional day of wedding photography – where to start with my favourites…
    …Well those portraits are a bit special! Bravo 🙂

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