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It’s Monday – another shot from my series of black and white wedding photography. This is a shot from Sammy and Matthew’s wedding at Coombe Lodge. I love going to this wedding venue. It’s about 25 mins from my home and because the grounds are so big there are lots of unique opportunities for couple photos. This is one of my favourite pots (yes, a field!) – it has amazing views, and no distractions in the background. Sammy and Matthew aren’t silhouettes – but as they are walking away from them us you can’t see their faces, which, for this one image I quite like.

These kind of landscape photographs are quite often a no brainier to have in colour. Quite often they cry out for it! But I really like the texture of the clouds and so this works well in black and white. Just as a one off. In the colour image there’s a lot going on, green grass, orange and blue clouds, Matthew’s cool blue jacket and trousers. The sun is setting so there is a lot going on. By converting this one shot to black and white it’s a great way of cutting out a lot of information to help simplify the image.

If you’d like to see some more Coombe Lodge wedding photos then check the link. There’s plenty more to see!


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