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Next up for black and white wedding photography Monday is this image taken at Jennie and Rich’s wedding. This shot is of Jennie (at the bottom) and her bridesmaids taking the stairs down to the wedding ceremony. What I love about being a wedding photographer in Bristol is that you get to discover all sorts of different places in the city. I’ve never been to this hotel before and I love the creativity and surprise that comes with working in new places. One of the reasons I love being a wedding photographer is that although every wedding tends to follow a similar pattern – there’s always new and creative problems to solve.

So one of the problems when trying to tell a story is how to move from one scene to the next. It’s often tricky but I feel I nailed it with this shot. From the bridal preparation down the ceremony this is a pretty elegant shot. With leading lines that take us all the way down to see Jenny, illuminated by the window light as she reaches the bottom. I love the fact that you can see the flowers and arms of her bridesmaids that are following and the whites and blacks of the hand rail that go all the way to the bottom. True – this isn’t an amazing couple shot in a field with stunning light, but part of what I look for when photographing a wedding is seeing beauty in the ordinary.


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