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Elizabeth & Mark | Buxted Park Hotel | Wedding


This was my first Buxted Park Hotel wedding – although I have been to the area several times before. You might remember this Horsted Place wedding I blogged not so long ago as well as the bride and groom! Both came from recommendations (which I’m ALWAYS thankful for) from Joanna and Nick and their Babington House wedding photos from a few years ago.

I love exploring new wedding venues, and so it was a real treat to visit Buxted Park Hotel. It is a beautiful venue – I started taking wedding photos in the bridal suite and the light blew me away! You just can’t beat large windows, they give the most amazing light. It was hard to take a bad photo! One of the things I enjoy most about being referred is seeing the same faces at different weddings. Sometimes it feels quite strange to go to the most important event of someone’s life (so far!), and then not really see them again afterwards. Which is part of the reason why I’ve done quite a few family shoots recently (coming to the blog soon!)

It was also a chance to return to the same church, see the same vicar and again, stand in the best spot!

A huge thank you to both Elizabeth and Mark for having me to your wedding. I remember cricket on the lawn, cold drinks and cocktails on a pretty strong day and your very own private cinema!

A huge thank you for having me along! I hope I get to see you all sometime again!

Incidentally I wrote a wedding photographer review of the Sony A7RII as this was the first wedding I took it to. Also, if you’re looking for a Bristol wedding photographer please do get in touch!

Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-001 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-002 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-003 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-005 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-006 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-007 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-008 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-009 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-010 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-011 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-012 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-013 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-014 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-015 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-016 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-017 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-018 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-019 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-020 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-021 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-022 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-023 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-024 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-025 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-026 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-027 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-028 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-029 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-030 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-031 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-032 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-033 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-034 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-035 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-036 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-037 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-038 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-039 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-040 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-041 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-042 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-043 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-044 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-045 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-046 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-047 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-048 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-049 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-050 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-051 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-052 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-053 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-054 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-055 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-056 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-057 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-058 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-059 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-060 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-061 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-062 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-063 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-064 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-065 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-066 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-067 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-068 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-069 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-070 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-071 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-072 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-073 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-074 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-082 Buxted-Park-Hotel-Wedding-Photographer-083


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  1. What a cool wedding! You told the story of this day fantastically. Among my favorite shots are the Father/Daughter first look – and those golden sunset photos! So gorgeous. Great wedding photography!

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  3. Aww her smile is so infectious!! You did a stellar job here, these are gorgeous!

  4. Very very lovely. You always have the eye for aesthetic beauty with an artistic touch of eccentric uniqueness in your style. My all time favorite photographer.

  5. Nailed Bert. There’s one in the bridal prep where the bride’s head is down taken at about 35mm that really does it for me. Portraits are incredible too, basically everything.

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