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This weeks black and white Monday image comes to you from Rachel and Alex’s wedding in Norfolk. They had a beautiful winter wedding set in the countryside and this image is one of my favourites. I love a sparkler shot! The look GREAT! They are a bit of a technical challenge (think extremely bright small lights in darkness). The wide depth of field makes things tricky as well as trying to get a decent shutter speed. I also run the risk of getting burned!

But when they work they really work! I love the light and shadow – everyone’s faces enjoying themselves. They make a perfect ending image for a wedding album. They do work well in colour – but there is something quite classical about having this wedding photograph in black and white. It turns it in to more of a documentary image.

I also quite like the quirkiness of this image as Alex is holding Rachel’s bouquet! I’m not sure how that happened but it makes me chuckle! I’m still catching up on my blogging so expect to see more of these two on the blog in the not too distant future. Thanks for stopping by!

black and white wedding photography

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