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This is one of my favourite wedding photos from Nello and Hannah’s Hampton Court Palace wedding. Hannah is sitting in her parent’s bedroom, her mum and friend are getting the veil ready. The lighting from the window is incredible. It illuminates Hannah, the incredible detail on her dress and also the veil. There’s plenty of shadow in the room to hide the background distractions. Window light is a favourite of mine. It’s so flattering and classical – and makes the world of difference when it comes to getting the best wedding photographs in the morning.

I’m actually some way away in this shot – observing from the bathroom if I recall correctly! It’s impossible to disappear on the wedding day, there is no escaping the fact that I’m there with a camera. At some points I really try and engage in the day – but other times like this I take a step back and watch everything unfold. Also, when I see great images like this I tend to really focus on the moment and for the perfect timing.

the wedding veil

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