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Here is another black and white wedding photo from Louisa and Jez’s Surrey wedding. On the right, looking back, you can see Amy, another one of ‘my brides’ whose wedding I photographed. I love the sheer joy in this image. The moment the bride and groom walk down the aisle exit, and celebrate with everyone is one of the happiest moments of the day. One of the many pinnacles and I love to photograph it. It’s everything my photography is about, fun, happiness and emotion. I don’t think it is possible to be happier than these two look!

So why have the photo in black and white? It’s a good question! Most times I really prefer colourful images as they express the joy and happiness. But, with them being backlight a strange blue light comes through the stained glass window. It doesn’t look good and so the black and white conversion really works in this instance.

walking down the aisle

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