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Black & White Mondays

So, for fun, and for as long as it lasts, I’m going to write a series called ‘black and white Mondays.’ For anyone who knows my work, I’d imagine they’d instantly think of it as being colourful. I see weddings as laugh out loud and smile to your face hurts occasions. Sure, things can get emotional – but they are normally happy tears. I tend to find that most of the time colour gives my images the vibrancy they need to show the atmosphere. Whilst there are no rules I tend to convert an image to black and white for more poignant or emotional times of the day. For the first image of the series meet Katie (again!) John married her at Hyde Barn near Stow on the Wold. It was a super sunny day (and full of colour!) It was an outdoors wedding (yay!) in the countryside so you can imagine what it must have been like.

This image was taken during ‘bridal preparation’ – the room at Hyde Barn is really nice, and I owe a lot to it’s modern neutral simplicity! The dress is on and the look is complete. I REALLY enjoy this time of the day. Emotions tend to reach a pinnacle and it’s a time I sometimes take a step back. Whilst I try my best to be discrete for most of the day I find it hard sometimes to put down the camera. Especially during emotional moments as I’m naturally drawn to photograph how people feel. That said I’ve started to realise that sometimes not everything needs to be captured on camera.

So what do I like to much about this image? I love the way it makes me feel. It takes me right back to the day, and whilst I could show you 30 other photos of everyone laughing, drinking Champagne and having fun this is a beautiful moment of calm reflection. Well, it might be calm! Or she might not be – I don’t know! I also love the simplicity. The lack of distraction. The light. I love the way Katie’s veil is illuminated and whilst the image has a lot of contrast and is almost a silhouette you can just about make out her expression.

I’ll be posting this image up on instagram shortly so if you want to stay up to date follow me here! httpss://

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