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Break Time

Today I’m having a relaxing Sunday. Well, I’ve a few consultations and a shoot later in Shrewsbury. But right now I’m in my favourite coffee shop with a vanilla laté. So good. It’s a little cup of heaven in a period where I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard, or had such good fun.

I remember working pretty hard at Uni (which seems like too long ago), but I can’t say I enjoyed the essays, dissertation and exams as much as I enjoy what I’m doing now. It’s great to be out every weekend in the sunshine, playing my small role in a couples big day.

I hadn’t envisioned quite how busy I would be this year. Whilst I’m a pretty punctual guy I’ve not been able to publish every wedding I’ve shot this year. I love showing people my work, but finding two hours in a day to publish a wedding is really hard at the moment. This means the planning for my own wedding next yeah (whoop) has had to be done by my patient girlfriend. I don’t think she minds that much 😀

Anyone, this is rapidly turning in to a meandering blogpost with no structure so let’s put that right.

I was thrilled to be featured on one of my favourite wedding blogs moment junkie. This website is probably aimed more at photographers who like to showcase work with soul, rather than the more typical bridal website featuring dresses, flowers and the other endless wedding accessories. Thus it means quite a lot to me to be featured on a website, made by photographers for photographers.

albert palmer review

My second feature is a photo of the day, on the website the wedding seach. This is a cool, up and coming website which helps couples find photographers who are available for their wedding day. It seems the good photographers go quick with people planning for their weddings so far in advance so this could be a handy tool.

albert palmer review

Right. Laté finished. Off to Shrewsbury!

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