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Hannah & Matt | Engagement Shoot | Clifton, Bristol

I’ve got so many great weddings and engagement shoots to post at the moment, next up is Hannah and Matt. These two were surprisingly calm and confident about having their engagement shoot. Not that it’s much to be scared of, we just go for a walk and get to know each other a bit better. We headed over the Clifton suspension bridge and in to Ashton Court Estate where we chanced upon some deer. Kudos to them both for getting so close – I hold them in high esteem.

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  1. oh my GOD they’re a cute couple. that first shot makes me all melty. and deer… see them all the time here in maryland, but a group of stags like that, never. AWESOME shot.

  2. Um. Wow. I love the 1st one, and the second one, and what the heck, were those deer having a bachelor party or what?! I have never seen all males together like that. Freaking rad!

  3. Your work just keeps getting better and better! I love this shoot, and I LOVE Jess’s hair! She’s going to be a stunning bride 🙂

  4. These are fantastic – you’ve got some amazing locations and then completely made them work for this couple – great, great emotions, gorgeous couple, and I LOVE that balloon shot so much!

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