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Pinar & Richard | Falconhurst Estate | Wedding

Falconhurst Estate Wedding Photography


So it’s been aaaages since I told a proper story on the blog, and for this I apologise. I love the power of a single image but sharing the whole story is something I love to do. Anyway I’m here to make up for it today with a 300 photograph visual extravaganza. Life is slowly returning to normal after the ‘wedding season’ (a season that is lasting 12 months!) Pinar and Richard had the most beautiful Falconhurst Estate wedding in Kent.

Two months later I still love looking at their wedding photos (I even have a couple in my screen saver collection!) – they are filled with the most amazing colours, I love the styling, the thought, the Turkish traditions, the emotion and was so pleased to meet two of the nicest people. Pinar and Richard opted for an outside ceremony at Saloman’s (I love outside ceremonies) in the sun. It was beautiful. As if that wasn’t enough the reception venue was like something out of a movie. The beauty of it all really does blow my mind and goes to show how incredible home made styling can be (if you have the time (and the talent!))

Pinar designed and drew the invitations, place names, decorations. They had Davul Zurna drumming them in to the reception venue. The most tasty Turkish food prepared on a BBQ. A Turkish band. Money pinning. Festoon lights and pompoms. A Rolls Royce and a single ladies dance followed buy a vase smashing. It was some celebration.

They also had THE MOST AMAZING CAKES (and I know my cake) by Cake by Sugar (AKA Andrea) – really, if you look at nothing else, look at the cake photos. Heavenly.

Anyway – on with the photos. Many congratulations to you both and thank you SO much for having me there to share it with you. It was a truly incredible experience.

groom spraying perfumecouple photos at Falconhurst EstateFalconhurst Estate Wedding photographercake cutting Falconhurst Estate Weddingfirst dance at Falconhurst Estate Wedding

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  1. that little kid smelling the shoe could be one of my favorite candid shots ever, it’s sooo perfect, especially with the follow up shot of their reactions.

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