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Linz & Ross | Wick Farm | Wedding Photos

I was lucky enough to take Linz and Ross Wick Farm wedding photos. They got married yesterday at the beautiful wedding venue that is Wick Farm. Lasting moment of the day for me? Seeing them dance together at sunset. This was waaaaay after the first dance, but neither of them had stopped dancing with one another. The barn doors were open, music was drifting out and a golden beam of light was coming in.

<3                          <– (heart symbol)

Ps. I could have posted a photo of the same scene where you could see the huge smiles on their faces. BUT then you wouldn’t have been able to appreciate quite how beautiful Linz’s wedding gown was (Maggie Sottero if you’re interested.)

Do head over to see the full blog post here.

wick farm wedding photos

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  1. Good shot man! I was shooting a wedding in Wicks farm the day before you, I guess (26-May) 🙂 Nice place indeed! Good chance also to get some great dancing shots with the doors open like that.

  2. what i love most about this is how oblivious the guests around them are. everyone else seems to be doing their own thing and the couple just embraces each other on the dance floor like no one else is in the room. LOVE this shot.

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