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Alessia & Chris | MC Motors | Wedding London

mc motors wedding photographer

MC Motors Wedding Photographer

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be Alessia and Chris’s MC Motors wedding photographer. It was such a fun wedding day. My favourite moment of the day was at about 10pm when a stack of hot pizza arrived for everyone to feast on. Or… it might have been the tasty chicken and chips we had earlier? Or maybe even the wedding donuts and stack of cake? All I know was that I had a blast. I love London weddings. All that I’ve been to have been beautifully unconventional and incredibly personal. It was a pretty special day!

I also got to catch up with three other couples whose wedding I’ve photographed.

For a change I’ve tried to reduce the amount of photographs in this blog post. Just to try and tell a more concise story. Alessia wore a stunning BHLDN wedding gown and Valentino shoes complete with leather jacket and classic sun glasses. Do do picture her, age 90, looking back at these photos and people telling her how cool she is.

The Flower Appreciation Society did a beautiful job with natural arrangements and a shout out to Hannah Kenney for her incredible hairstyling skills. Chris rocked a Ted Baker suit and wins for the award for best wedding tie of 2015. Lastly their caterer Roast Hog deserves a culinary medal for saving such good food.

Lastly, I did really enjoy the speeches. Everyone stood around as the father, Chris and best man made everyone tear up, laugh and then laugh till it hurt. Good times! I love bring an MC Motors wedding photographer, the cool London venue lends itself perfectly to fun, informal celebrations like this.

A huge thank you to Alessia and Chris for having me – and a double big thank you for choosing such an incredible venue. Wishing you as much happiness and laughter for the future as I saw on your wedding day.

mc motors wedding photos mc-motors-wedding-photos-002 mc-motors-wedding-photos-003 mc-motors-wedding-photos-004 mc-motors-wedding-photos-005 mc-motors-wedding-photos-006 mc-motors-wedding-photos-007 mc-motors-wedding-photos-008 mc-motors-wedding-photos-009 mc-motors-wedding-photos-010 mc-motors-wedding-photos-011 mc-motors-wedding-photos-012 mc-motors-wedding-photos-014 mc-motors-wedding-photos-015 mc-motors-wedding-photos-016 mc-motors-wedding-photos-017 mc-motors-wedding-photos-018 mc-motors-wedding-photos-019 mc-motors-wedding-photos-021 mc-motors-wedding-photos-022 mc-motors-wedding-photos-023 mc-motors-wedding-photos-024 mc-motors-wedding-photos-025 mc-motors-wedding-photos-026 mc-motors-wedding-photos-027 mc-motors-wedding-photos-028 mc-motors-wedding-photos-029 mc-motors-wedding-photos-030 mc-motors-wedding-photos-031 mc-motors-wedding-photos-032 mc-motors-wedding-photos-034 mc-motors-wedding-photos-035 mc-motors-wedding-photos-036 mc-motors-wedding-photos-037 mc-motors-wedding-photos-040 mc-motors-wedding-photos-041 mc-motors-wedding-photos-042 mc-motors-wedding-photos-043 mc-motors-wedding-photos-044 mc-motors-wedding-photos-045 mc-motors-wedding-photos-046 mc-motors-wedding-photos-047 mc-motors-wedding-photos-048 mc-motors-wedding-photos-050 mc-motors-wedding-photos-052 mc-motors-wedding-photos-053 mc-motors-wedding-photos-054 mc-motors-wedding-photos-055 mc-motors-wedding-photos-056 mc-motors-wedding-photos-057 mc-motors-wedding-photos-058 mc-motors-wedding-photos-059 mc-motors-wedding-photos-060 mc-motors-wedding-photos-061 mc-motors-wedding-photos-062 mc-motors-wedding-photos-063 mc-motors-wedding-photos-064 mc-motors-wedding-photos-065 mc-motors-wedding-photos-066 mc-motors-wedding-photos-067 mc-motors-wedding-photos-068 mc-motors-wedding-photos-069 mc-motors-wedding-photos-070 mc-motors-wedding-photos-071 mc-motors-wedding-photos-072 mc-motors-wedding-photos-073 mc motors wedding photographer mc-motors-wedding-photos-075 mc-motors-wedding-photos-076 mc-motors-wedding-photos-077

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  1. Ha! I love the fist-bump down the aisle! The venue photos are stunning – especially love the star photos! You’ve got a new fan! 🙂

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