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Kat & Ben | Shadymoor Farm | Wedding

Shadymoor Farm wedding

Kat and Ben’s Shadymoor Farm wedding was a wedding done right! Married in the summer heatwave in Englands finest countryside (Shrewsbury!) it had all the ingredients for a top day!

They got ready in houses walking distance from the nearest church with their friends and family. They got wed, then headed off to Shadymoor Farm to celebrate (in a classic car that kept stalling!) I can confirm that this had nothing to do with Ben’s driving technique!

My favourite three things about their wedding day start with the fireworks. A wedding present from a family friend (I think) he put on an amazing display and I got one of my favourite photos of the year (above.)

My second favourite thing about the wedding was that a few of the wedding guests stripped off and divided in to the local lake after the speeches!

My final favourite thing was the singing waiters! I loved these guys! If I hadn’t known beforehand I would have been completely fooled by their act. Although – I think my suspicions might have been raised by their dodgy Eastern European Borat accents!

Massive thank yous to Kat and Ben for having me along! Two of the warmest and funnest couples I’ve met and they made me feel so welcome and part of the day.

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