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The Apple iPad For Wedding Photographers

Updated: I caved in, bought one and talk about it here.

bride's hands on the ipad

Okay, so how can I resist on commenting about this new piece of sleek hardware. I know a lot has already been written about this and not actually having used one yet it is hard to know if any predictions are accurate. But based on what I’ve read I do see this as potentially being a useful tool in selling your services.

I think the key use for the iPad would be for showing your work to clients. My clients are young and trendy and so the iPad would be a hit. However I don’t see it replacing the tactile feel of holding and going through a beautifully printed leather bound wedding album. Also the more albums I sell the more money I make…

Potentially it could replace the laptop slideshow that I give to clients. My only issue is that it has a smaller screen. But as people will need to hold it then maybe this isn’t so bad. I do think that the interactivity and responsiveness would be a hit. Photographs are said to look great on the bright screen. Would this translate in to sales? I tend to get 80% of the consultations I go to so I’m sceptical as to whether this would sell to the other 20%. Maybe I run the risk of falling behind the times as my colleagues in Bristol use them to win clients.

Are there any other uses?

You could use it to tick off questions or make notes during the consultation.For the clients to view the contract.To fill in the contract and email it.
I’m out of ideas! It’s a great device for a home user, but justifying it as a business expense for the ‘low end wedding photographer’ may be tricky.

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