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Wedding Photography Equipment, Or When To Upgrade.

split ipad portriat

I have owned my most recent iPod for the last 5 years. Unsurprisingly it is pretty worn out. Typically a 2-3 hour battery life on a good day, it only charges with Firewire and only syncs with USB so I have to use two cables. The unit crashes intermittently, and unless you plug it back in to the computer it won’t restart…

So I was browsing Bristol’s shopping district the other day and found myself in the Apple store… 30 mins later I walked out the proud owner of an iPhone (32GB, 3GS, Black if you care!) I was tempted to only get the iPod touch as I already have a phone, but having to carry around two devices is a bit of a pain. That and the fact that the rumour sites are saying a new iPod touch will be released in a month or two swung it for me…

Luckily the upgrade cycles for camera lenses aren’t as frequent as iPods and when you buy a lens it tends not to deteriorate unless you treat it badly. So the next lens on my shopping list is the Canon 24-70mm L lens. Unfortunately I don’t have the stomach to buy it as rumours have been circulating for a long time that a second version of this lens will be released with IS.

Deciding when to purchase new gear is always hard, but having to continually postpone the purchase because you think there may be something better coming out is a real pain Especially when you could he out there making great photos.

The problem is buying a new lens and have it fall in value by almost half because a new version is released. This is a big dilemma! I hate the feeling of buying something new only for a better version to be released within a month, and quite often for a cheaper price.

Personally I’m going to wait until the 24-70/2.8 II L is released and make the most of the gear I have. With a few lenses a good wedding photographer ought to be able to get a good shot out of any wedding situation. That doesn’t mean I am happy about it though!


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