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Cammy & Colin | Pre Wedding Photography | London

pre wedding shoot London

Winter Pre Wedding Photography London

I’m pretty lucky and get to do quite a lot of pre wedding shoots. However must of them aren’t in the winter. So here is Cammy and Colin’s winter pre wedding photography London shoot. We kept a few days open so that we could choose the sunniest of days. The weather forecast said sun but we got cloud! Not to worry though, the cloud turned out to look pretty good in the photos and added a level of interest. Due to the absolutely freezing weather in mid January we didn’t want to hang around! There was literally ice covering the lake we shot next so it’s a good thing Cammy and Colin were up for doing anything for a good photo!

You wouldn’t know it but neither of them had done such a shoot before. They were utter pros! It’s not easy, especially in London and especially in the winter to be a model. Cammy and Colin let me choose a few of the photoshoot locations in London and so I took them to some quiet spots.

Having a bit of knowledge about what would work and what wouldn’t in advance really helped.

Pre Wedding Photography Outfits

Cammy and Colin’s gothic style outfits blew my mind! When people ask me ‘what shall I wear’ to shoots I normally tell them to be themselves, but to take it up a notch. Now I’m not a style guru but these guys knocked it out of the park! They have to be some of the best pre wedding shoot outfits I have seen. Partly because they were so different, but they totally pulled them off. As we walked around London they kept getting some great complimentary comments. As well as a few people wishing them congratulations (which always makes me chuckle.) I also thought their outfits looked pretty cool against the London background. They fit in pretty well with the older architecture and misty weather.

The UK isn’t really known for it’s great weather during the winter. It’s not like California or anything but it just goes to show that winter pre wedding photography London shoots can look pretty awesome! Even in some challenging of conditions we got some mega shots. It just goes to show that the soft light we often get here can look ace if you know how to work it. Especially in winter when things can be pretty grey and flat. Certainly doing a pre wedding shoot in London is helped by all of the cool architecture and vibrancy of character.

If you’re interested in seeing more do check out my pre wedding photography UK portfolio and also a summer pre wedding shoot in London.

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  1. I adore both those outfits! It may have been cold but you certainly have a knack for letting people get warmed up to the camera. They look like they’re enjoying each other’s company very much and the results are beautiful!

  2. Can’t get enough of the black dress! Top work all round especially love the slow shutter with the London bus and taxi in shot 🙂

  3. I actually have no words for how incredible beautiful these pre-wedding photos are! They both look incredible and the photographs are beyond stunning. I LOVE them so much.

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