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Anna & Rob | Powderham Castle, Devon | Wedding

Anna and Rob got married in Devon, and had the most wonderful, animal filled wedding reception at Powderham Castle. Their wedding was recently featured in SouthWest Bride. So on being featured I thought it was about time I shared a few of my favourite photographs on the blog. I’m actually surprised I didn’t post it sooner, considering how many personal favourites I have. The best being the first dance shot which I thought came out nicely.

Rob and Anna found me through mutual friends Ruth and Mike, whose wedding I also photographed in the lovely region of Devon. It’s definitely one of my favourite parts of the UK and part of the reason I love my job so much is that I’m able to travel and explore some amazing places. As well as sharing in an amazing day!

The day started for me at the Methodist Church in Wonford, Exeter. It is a unique building in an unsuspecting part of town. The actual church building is quite  modern, but it gave the photographs a lovely light and airy feel. It’s always nice to go somewhere a bit different and the modern style of the building meant for a few beautiful abstract images. It was a huge honour to be there and the wedding ceremony was made so personal by their pastor who knew them both well. Looking back at the photos now I remember being so moved by one of the choir girls solos. It’s small things like this that I sometimes forget with the number of weddings I go to. So it’s a good thing I have the photos to remind me. They instantly trigger my memories and remind me of how I felt at that moment.

Powderham Castle looked beautiful at that time of year, with gardens full of colourful flowers and deer wandering in the park. The place was absolutely huge and quite dominating. Anna and Rob had organised a bird display for their friends and family. Being huge animal lovers, with an owl themed wedding, the demonstrator showed up and let out various birds, from owls to eagles. All with big claws. It was quite a show and made for some really fun photos. It contrasted nicely with the string quartet, that’s for sure :o)

A huge thank you for having me to celebrate with you.

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  1. Your black & white work is far less ‘contrasty’ to the style I usually favour yet it works so well, and really compliments your colour imagery. Some fabulous photography throughout the day – full of emotion – though it’s the first dance shot that really grabs me. Great stuff.

  2. There I was browsing along thinking about how freaking awesome your photos are, and then BAM! An eagle. This is perhaps the most badass wedding I’ve seen and you really rocked the photos! AMAZING!

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