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Anna & Richard | Wedding Preview | Clearwell Castle, Gloucestershire

Remember Anna & Richard? Well they got married at the weekend at a stunning location in Gloucestershire and I was lucky enough to be their chosen wedding photographer.

The ceremony was held at Clearwell Church, in beautiful grounds and was marked by the sound of wedding bells ringing throughout the village. It was traditionally English (including the weather!) The ceremony was candle lit and there was a full congregation of friends and family who had travelled from Northern Ireland, USA and Clevedon.

After the ceremony Richard and Anna enjoyed a swift car journey to the reception venue and the guests enjoyed a two minute walk in the sunshine to Clearwell Castle. Anna and Richard had organised lots of things to keep their guests entertained. I especially loved the croquet on the lawn and was excited to have a long queue for the photo booth by the end of the night.

The interior of the castle was just breathtaking and the grounds were beautifully maintained. This isn’t always the case with older venues but it was very well maintained.  One of my favoutire photographic moments was when one of the younger guests managed to disturb a flock of ducks on the croquet lawn whilst playing golf! It was pretty amusing to see them waddling around quacking – I don’t know who was more surprised!

After a yummy dinner and speeches and some more croquet, everyone headed down to the caves of the castle for music, dancing and the buffet! It was a great atmosphere below the castle and one of my favourite photos from the day is the first dance. Rich was quite a mover!

Hope you enjoy these few teaser photographs…!

clearwell castle wedding

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  1. A castle and croquet?? How cool is that!
    I LOVE that shot of the little boy just itching to go after the duck 🙂

  2. Haha, that one with the croquet stick is awesome!!! Love it, they look like they’re straight out of some crazy movie or something 🙂

  3. Classic shot of the kid with the croquet stick! 10 point if you can guess what he was planning on doing with the stick 🙂 Well seen and captured.

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