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It’s black and white wedding photography time – and this photograph is one of Sam her wedding to Ross at Gate Street Barn. It was definitely one of the highlights of 2015 and I thought I would pick an image that stood out to me. Now normally, I’m not a huge fan of ‘the garter shot.’ It kinda reminds me of traditional wedding photography, and it’s probably in my top ten cheesy wedding photos of all time! So sometimes I take a shot if there is an opportunity to do it creatively. So this one I quite like. It’s completely unposed – 100% creative reportage. Sam is stood in beautiful light by a window. Light makes almost every image come alive and I love the tones that come out of the white dress and the skin tones. The background is quite uncomplicated. The shot is actually a reflection in the mirror. There’s a whole lot of white negative space over on the left which is the wall. And so I quite like the photograph – but I do feel that concerting this image to black and white hopefully goes some way  to making it a little less saucy and a little more artistic. Does it work?!

black and white wedding photography

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