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Sam & Ross | Gate Street Barn | Wedding


Gate Street Barn Wedding Photographer

The Gate Street Barn wedding venue is a gem hidden away in the Surrey countryside. I’ve been looking forward to Sam and Ross’s wedding for absolutely aaaaages. I have been to Gate Street Barn before and it’s always great for me as a wedding photographer. The venue always looks beautiful – and Gill Pike did an incredible job with the beautiful flowers that adorned the room. It really did look beautiful – and a few of the staff commented on this. It obviously helped that the sun came out (pure!) and the countryside around it looked pretty photogenic. Ann’s Designer Cakes made the tallest cake I’ve ever seen – and I confess I may have sampled a slice or two later on in the evening!

Sam looked incredible in her gown from This Moment Bridal Studios, made by Allure – a new designer on me. Sam’s hair stylist Melissa Hartley worked wonders. It looked like it had come straight from a Pinterest board. Kudos! Betty Booths rocked the photo booth in the evening and a huge shout out to Tandem Catering for their yummy food. It went a long way!  Magician Simon Alexander made my photography job even easier by entertaining the guests with crazy mind being tricks. Ross did not seem all that phased by the wedding and even offered to carry my heavy bag half way through the coupe photos.

I’m not going to write much because the photos really do all the talking. Massive congratulations to you both and a HUGE thank you for having me along to photograph your Gate Street Barn wedding. Finally, I hope these photos bring all the joy back to you for years and years to come.

Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-001 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-002 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-005Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-007 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-008 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-009 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-010 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-011 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-015 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-016 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-017 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-018 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-019 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-020 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-021 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-022 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-023 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-024 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-025 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-026 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-027 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-028 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-029 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-030 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-031 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-032 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-033 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-034 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-035 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-036 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-037 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-038 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-039 Gate Street Barn Wedding photographer Gate Street Barn Wedding photographer Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-042 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-044 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-045 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-046 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-047 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-048 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-049 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-050 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-051 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-052 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-053 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-054 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-055 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-056 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-057 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-059 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-060 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-061 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-062 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-063 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-064 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-065 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-066 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-067 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-068 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-069 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-077 Gate-Street-Barn-Wedding-photography-078


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  1. Absolutely gorgeous set of images! The portraits are magnificent and that last dance shot is so awesome. My favorite moment has to be those little legs under the dessert table! What a great memory!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful bride. The portraits are gorgeous but I REALLY loved all the candid moments you caught!

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