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The iPad For Wedding Photographers

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I have owned the iPad for a week now and I thought I would write a short piece about how I’m finding it so far. This post is more about how useful I have found it as a work tool as a wedding photographer.

A bit of background: I own a MacBook Pro and a large external screen and an iPhone for my on-the-go email and internet access. Having heard of stock shortages I didn’t want to miss my opportunity and queued for a good 2 hours 30 mins in Cabot Circus in Bristol to pick up my 16GB WIFI model. The experience of buying it was great. Apple gave us free cake, coffee, hot chocolate and croissants as we all waited outside in the cold whilst waiting to be let in!

Why did I want one? To show my work to clients during consultations. This was the only practical reason I had. Between the iPhone and the laptop I have my computing needs covered. Before the iPad I used traditional albums and my laptop to show a slideshow with music. I still show sample albums, there is no replacement for that. The slideshows have always been very successful but bringing my laptop with me isn’t always convenient and I’m always skeptical about whether this is a good experience for the clients. This is where the iPad comes in to its’ own.

So far the iPad has made the consultation process more interesting for my clients. Rather than sitting back and watching a procession of images they can interact with the device, flip back and forth, zoom and actually hold them in their hands. The iPad is a really decent size and feels solid in your hands. Unfortunately it collects fingerprints far too easily and I need to clean it before every consultation!

Frankly I was surprised that people take a LOT more time to look at my photographs. Each slideshow photograph shows for 3-4 seconds. When people look at photos on the iPad they take a good 8 seconds. The photographs look really good on the bright screen and people take in. All the tiny details. They laugh and point at the all sorts of fhings and talk to one another about what they like about each photo. They actively ‘flick’ to the left to see the next photograph and have the choice to view all my different ‘albums’ depending on location and season.

What else do I use it for?

Not much.

I use Things to keep track of the business side of things. To check if a deposit has been paid or if we have booked an engagement shoot. It’s good for taking notes at meetings and my girlfriend enjoys browsing Facebook on it. Nothing that I couldn’t do before on the laptop.

I would have trouble recommending it to someone who didn’t have a specific need for it. It is no replacement for the functionality of a laptop or netbook and I know it isn’t meant to be.

Bottom line: it’s the best thing on the market to do what I wanted it for. Showing my work. For this it was worth the purchase.

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  1. Have to agree with you, it looks awesome showing your work on it. I made my contract into a photo and use adobe ideas to get them to sign the contract on screen and email them a copy to just to make it extra flashy lol

  2. Yep… I’m borrowing a friends iPad right now to decide if I want the 3G version or not. I think this is going to be an AWESOME client tool.

  3. Nice write up on the iPad Albert!! You are not making this any easier for to put off buying one! 😉 It really does look like it does a fantastic job of showing off your work.

  4. Oooh I love the pictures… you’re iPad looks even better with such awesome photography inside. We got the camera connection kit and we use a little SD card reader to bang out some photoshop actions on a few photos during the reception, then we walk around with the iPad showing them off. I don’t know if people are just responding to the technology, but it’s been a huge hit. Photos become 12 times sexier just by being on that thing, I swear.

  5. This post just made me drool all over my keyboard. I want one SO bad. I can think of a million excuses to get one, and hopefully will soon. 🙂

  6. I soooo want one, great way of showing potential wedding clients my portfolio … going to wait until next years version when they will no doubt stick a camera in it, its a great size for video conferencing!

    Great photos, really shows the iPads value off as a portfolio device.

  7. Thanks for this article Albert, I am off to Southampton tomorrow to get one for just this reason. I love the idea of a portable portfolio I can hand over to prospective photography clients, and also I hope the enormous range of viewing angles will make it perfect for sitting at the back of my stand running a slideshow during wedding fairs in Hampshire and Dorset.

    Aside – someone showed me their Fellowship portfolio on her iphone last weekend and that was impressive; I think this will be even better. And it produces pictures in a size that does the picture justice.

    Jon Roach at FourT4 Photography

  8. I know this is an old post, but I found you through a Google search because I’m debating whether or not to get an ipad. I’m a US photographer and have been thinking about using an ipad for wedding consults, but I wasn’t sure if there was an advantage to it over a laptop (in other words, am I just looking for a reason to buy an ipad? 🙂 ). Thanks for posting this.

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