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Prophoto 3 Review

My new Pro Photo website

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I’m not sure the internet needs another glowing review of the Prophoto 3 theme software for WordPress but my experience has been good enough to share it with you. And if you’re paying this amount of money for a service it’s good to read up about other people’s experience.

Previously I managed my blog with Blogger but since they announced that they would no longer support FTP I decided to find a alternative. I signed up to a GoDaddy WordPress hosting account (so I didn’t have to worry about installing it myself!) and because it was a cost effective solution. I had always wanted to try WordPress but the code heavy setup always put me off. Luckily GoDaddy has an automatic solution which just means filling out a user name and password which is really easy.

Other reasons to use Prophoto 3? I wanted to use the widgets and plugins that can be easily installed in WordPress. If you have your own custom blog with Blogger you have to code these yourself. I don’t have the skills to do this or to make it look professional. I also wanted to update my branding from bertpalmer to Albert Palmer Photography.

Buying and installing Prophoto 3 was really, really simple. By comparison it took Godaddy 24 hours to fix some database issues which was a real pain in the neck as I wanted to get started as soon as possible. But every time I went to the admin page to log on or access any part of the site I got the error 404 page. Their support was pretty good though and so I would recommend them despite the initial problems.

It took me 2-3 hours design my website so that it looked exactly the same as the old one. I was very impressed by how easy it is to use and design. You could really spend hours messing around with settings if you wanted to but I knew what I wanted to achieve. It took me a good three weeks to design and build the original website in html, so to do it in three hours was more than worth the money.

The galleries and page setup options are really simple to use as is building a flash header. I was worried about flash as I want my website to be accessible on the iPhone and iPad. Luckily it loads the first image flash rather than displaying a blue Lego brick. Whilst I can’t imagine many people visit my site on iPhones, with Apple releasing the iPad it is a serious consideration.

I have always been a bit reluctant to pay for services that I could probably do myself but in this instance I have no regrets.

The only thing I have not been happy with is the menu options. I would like to build a slightly different looking menu and this is not possible with the built in options as far as I know. I will be contacting support to see if I can though.

I am still in the process of moving blog posts from the old website to the new one. Whilst I know I could do this automatically I want to have a sort out first!

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  1. I have always been Pro photo – right from version one…
    Love it – so easy to use and version 3 I am in love with… The widgets make it so much easier to get a unique looking site

  2. Thanks for blogging this. I am pretty new to the blog thing. Should have done it ages ago but this is valuable info, thanks Mate.

  3. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


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