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Vanessa & Phil | Chinese Wedding Door Games | UK

So Vanessa and Phil. Another episode. You saw their (incredible) engagement shoot . Their wedding preview. Now you’re seeing the Chinese door ceremony.

This was the first time I’d been asked to photograph the Chinese tradition and I felt fairly prepared. You know. How crazy could it be?

Turns out very.

The crazy/fun/laugh out loud/shocking things that poor Phil, and his good friends had to endure to win the hand of Vanessa was all in good fun. Yet, it was far from easy.

We’re talking buckets of ice cold water. Eating raw chillies. Money demands. Drinking some very questionable liquids. Eating weird spices. Phil singing, translating and yes… Gangnam style dancing.

I loved every second.

Chinese Wedding Door GamesChinese Wedding Door GamesChinese Wedding Door Games

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  1. Bert, you’re a triple thread. You have the rare talent of being able to capture moments, details and portraits all in an equally amazing way!

  2. Haha, looks like great fun long as you’re not the one drinking all that stuff of course!!! Thanks Bert, really made me smile! Great photos as always.

  3. Hey Bert, I just love seeing your weddings and they really speak volumes when it comes to documentary work. I always feel like a part of them. Amazing work as always.

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