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Karyna & Ben | Coombe Lodge | Wedding, Somerset

Ben and Karyna’s wedding at Coombe Lodge in Somerset had it all. Fun, smiles, joy, moustaches, laughter, love, beards a few tears and birds of prey. What an incredible day – I love my job as a wedding photographer. It was SO hard to narrow this post down to a reasonable size so I apologise for the length but there are so many great moments I wanted to share with you. A big thanks to Marie for being my second photographer for the day and if you’re interested then the wedding venue was the beautiful Coombe Lodge in Somerset. Karyna wore the coolest Vivienne Westwood shoes and the flowers were by Clifton Flowers in Bristol.

Last not least Lloyd and Rose Buck for the brids of prey. Be sure to check out my Coombe Lodge wedding photographer page for more images and info.

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  1. Ok Bert, seriously. This is by far your best wedding ever. Also, I adore her Vivienne Westwood shoes. Also love the dress. Also love that you shot so many photos that made me laugh out loud. Yeaaaah, pretty much love it all.

  2. I’m with Kyle- This was beautiful and made me snort a few times under my breath. Absolutely cute! I love her bunting mixed with flowers idea. Great stuff Bert!! I’ll be following you more now 🙂

  3. First of all, amazing work. Seriously.

    My favorite detail of all was the mini mouse ears. Well until I got down to the falcons. Falcons!


  4. Um. Love love love. The details. The moments. Everything is absoolute perfection. My heart kind of sings looking at these – such real moments and I feel like I just want to become best friends with this couple.

  5. The bathroom shot of the girls getting ready is stunning… the quality of light, the black and white tones, the moment, everything.

  6. omg. so so so much win. too many favorites to name… SO MANY brilliant moments you caught, though i think my fave is the one of the little girl poking the baby in the ear 🙂 but – oh! i mean throughout the reception! the faces, the gestures, the expressions. you captured everything… perfect storytelling.

  7. i’m sorry! i forgot one more thing. THE DANCE PICTURES. i think i’d buy a print of the third one – the perfect twirl of her dress, the perfect back/rim lighting. how the heck did you do that? but they’re all awesome!

  8. Wow. So I was trying to remember photos to tell you which were my favorites, but it was too many after a while. Let’s see, love the shoes, the welcome mat. LOVE the shot of her putting her necklace on in bw. Just all of it. Stunning work!

  9. This is an amazing wedding! You captured so many great moments here. I love the sunset shots and all the little details. How awesome is it that they had falcons!?!

  10. Oh I love it – brimming with personality and colour…and such attention to detail! The images at dusk are just beautiful.

  11. My fiance and I booked Coombe Lodge yesterday for our wedding on the 5th June 2012 – these pictures make me even more excited (if that’s possible)!!! You’re so good at capturing the moment Albert!

  12. After meeting you on Monday I thought it a good idea to take a look at your website.

    You’re clearly a very talented photographer and it’s nice to see some really great images posted on your site.

  13. I can’t get over how many amazing details there are at this wedding, how gorgeous the ceremony was, how breathtaking the sunset photos are, and those dancing pictures are just… wow. Love. Love love love.

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