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Leanne & Olly | Priston Mill | Wedding

Priston Mill barn wedding photography

Priston Mill Barn Wedding Photography

Leanne and Olly’s wedding at Priston Mill was one of the many highlights of last year. To start with, since my first meeting with Leanne I knew it would be an ace wedding to attend. With Leanne and Olly having a career in design it was always going to be a very pretty day. The contained garden outside of the Priston Mill barn is a lovely little area and it’s great for photos. When the sun shines it’s a great place to hang with a drink, playing giant Jenga right in the countryside.

A shout out to Mim’s Flower Shed for the Bouettes and button holes and Bath Classic Cars for getting Leanne to the church on time. Jackie did a great job of beautifying everyone in the morning and it was great to work alongside her. All of bridesmaids dresses were home made by MOB and Leanne’s wedding dress was from Clifton Brides.

Memories of the Wedding

Here are a few of my favourite moments from the day. The first being the fact that Leanne and Olly brought their beloved dog along to the whole wedding day. Not only was he at bridal prep, he attended the ceremony, the couple shoot and the reception. Furthermore I think the canapés were his favourite part! Second favourite memory was when I arrived at their house to hang out in the morning. Because their house had just been refurbished there wasn’t anywhere obvious to hang the dress. Leanne pulled out a nail and hammer and whacked in a nail right in front the fireplace. Dedication!

Third favourite memory was going for couple photos – we saw a nice little hill next to Priston Mill. I asked them to walk up to the horizon for some photos against the blue sky. And a load of sheep followed them! I love this photo and it’s happy accidents like this that often make the best wedding photos.

Anyway, enough talk – thank you so much for having me Leanne and Olly! It was great to be there on your wedding day and I hope these photos bring it all back to you for years and years to come. Finally, on with the Priston Mill Barn wedding photography…

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Priston Mill wedding photography

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  1. Your photos are so rich and full of colour – seriously cool dude. Best thing about this set are the smiles all round – you did an excellent job!

  2. Love it! Fab set of images, so enjoyable to go through your images. Specially like the line up of the hanging bridesmaids dresses and the last photo <3

  3. Beautiful! It looks like it could be in France or somewhere. Beautiful light and you’ve captured their story perfectly. Nx

  4. They have to be super amazing people. Everyone around them is so full of joy! And the golden hour portraits are so stunning.

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