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Harriet & Chris | Priston Watermill | Wedding

Priston Watermill Wedding Photography

Not my first time doing Priston Watermill wedding photography but amazing to revisit this local venue once again. I’m lucky enough to visit Priston Mill a few times a year and know it well now. In fact back in 2010 I think I did one of my very first weddings here and to this day it remains one of my favourites.

Way before the wedding I met Harri and Chris for an engagement session in Clifton so learned quite a bit about their plans for the wedding day. I also met them at Alex and Katie’s wedding a month earlier and several years ago met her as a bridesmaid at Rachel and Louis’s wedding.

I also photographed groomsmen’s Tom (and top wife Jinny!) a few years ago too and it felt a little surreal seeing so many familiar faces.

The great thing about Priston Watermill wedding photography is that the wedding venue is split over three levels. The huge garden and lower level, the middle bar level and the top floor where you eat and dance! What I love about Priston Watermill are the amazing fields that surround it. Whilst it threatened rain in the morning we got stunning sunshine later on in the day. The couple photographs blew me away – it’s the kind of light you wish for at every wedding!

Anyway – enough talk – on with the Priston Watermill wedding photography. Enjoy!

If you’re interested in more information about Priston Mill wedding photography then check out my dedicated page.


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