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Saskia & Nigel | Roman Baths | Wedding

roman baths photography

Roman Baths Photography

It was great to return for some winter Roman Baths photography in Bath for Nigel and Saskia’s wedding. I was kindly recommended by videographer Adam from Ido Wedding Films, who was best man for the evening. One of the unique things about Roman Baths photography is that couples can only wed in the morning or evening. So 7am early in the morning or 7pm late in the evening. Saskia and Nigel opted for the 7pm spot which I suspect meant not having to get so early to get ready! It doesn’t get darker than this for wedding photography but it was so atmospheric!

The conditions were perfect for their ceremony. With lots of hot steam rising from the baths it was magical. That, and the fact that everyone was in the Christmas spirit is one thing I love about winter weddings.

One of the many things I’ll remember about their wedding is just how fun Saskia and Nigel were. Nigel hand made a wooden shield for Saskia as a pre wedding ‘getting ready’ gift. I don’t know why but it was cool and she loved it! He also surprised everyone (including Saskia) with a gospel choir who snuck in during the ceremony and sang to everyone after the celebration. They were both happy to sneak out for a few couple photos around the amazing museum too which went down well with me!

Although the wedding day was quite a bit shorter the ceremony was no less emotional. They had a family member perform the ceremony which meant they were able to really personalise it. This is a wedding photographers dream as it means plenty of tears and laughter!

A huge thank you for having me along. It was a really beautiful end to the year and I wish you both all the fun and adventure for the future.

If you’re looking for a Roman Baths wedding photographer please do get in touch.

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