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The Album | Your Wedding in Print

Okay, so here’s a post to showcase the new wedding album that I will be offering. It’s actually quite a proud moment! I’ve come a long way since I started ‘the business’ and grown a lot in many ways. Not least my work. It’s not a large departure in style from the album I offered when I first started. But there’s definitely more of a wow factor and it’s definitely something that I am proud to offer. In fact I would say that they are a work of art. That sounds a bit pretentious I know. It’s a book with photos in right? Well yes, but it’s a bit different from a lot the other wedding albums. This thing really shows off your wedding photographs in the best way.

One of my reasons for choosing a flush mount album is that it allows me to tell the whole story of the wedding day in one ‘book.’ It allows me to be a lot more flexible and creative with the design than if I were to use more traditional matted albums. And it’s more affordable too ;o)

I have put hours and hours (and quite a bit of money too) in to finding the perfect album to offer. What I really love about this album is the style and quality. The photographs are printed on fine art paper. They pages are thick and the matted paper has a slightly rough texture. The colours are just how I want them to be. Vivid. The hardback cover is really firm and the whole book feels solid. I know the terms I’m using probably don’t convey quite how awesome this thing is so if you want to view it in person just get in touch.

Each album I offer is individually designed to best tell your story with your wedding photographs. I really like the fact that you can show so much of the wedding in these books. Any of my 2011 couples who have preordered an album will of course be able to switch to this new album should they choose to.

These are a selection of the spreads available.

cover of my wedding albumfront and back cover of albert palmer photography wedding albuminside full spreadsequence of black and white imagesdetail photographs of wedding cupcakesspread of thumbnail images in my sample wedding albumtwo full page spreads on fine art wedding albumguests drinking shots at a weddingphotographs of the wedding venue in bristolthickness of wedding albumspine of my wedding albumwedding album design bristolthe quality of my wedding albumcoffee table album lying flat

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  1. I just ordered my first sample album. Yours is just gorgeous! Your couple will be thrilled. Seriously, love the shot you chose for the cover, the blue sky is so pretty. 🙂

  2. What an amazing book…I’m loving the spreads…and the VA quality is really unmatched right now…all of you clients should have one of these albums!!

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