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New USB Drives

USB Sticks for Photographers

I’ve taken delivery of some new USB sticks ready for 2020 and beyond! Call me old fashioned but all my couples receive a custom USB drive as standard. I enjoy delivering a tangible item and as not everyone buys a physical wedding album I sent out prints and a memory stick to everyone as a little thank you. Unbelievably when I first started out I used to send the images on a DVD! Boy  am I glad that’s changed!

Now, most of my couples collect their photos via digital delivery. It’s really convenient, you can access them anytime, anywhere as long as you have your phone, tablet or a computer. It’s really simple PLUS you don’t have to wait for the postman! There are free downloads for everyone and it’s a great way of sharing them.

But, for those reasons I do still send out a little retro USB stick. Maybe it’s sentimentality but it’s also a really useful backup solution for wedding photos. Whilst I keep hold of everyone’s wedding photos (in THREE locations no less!) I do think people appreciate it.

Full disclosure though, USB memory direct did reach out to partner with me. They sent me these memory sticks for free for the purpose of a review. I wasn’t paid to write a review and they won’t get a chance to preview my thoughts before I publish this. Also, it was a nice opportunity to take some colourful product photos, something I’d quite like to do a little more of!


These USB sticks have a really nice clean look which goes well with the rest of my packaging. I really like the magnetic lid and they are nice and small. They are great USB sticks for wedding photographers and super speedy too.

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  1. I fully agree, in a similar way to albums it’s nice to have something physical that can be found one day. Even if you have to find an old adapter in the draw because your macbook dropped usb in 2032.

  2. Really nice product photos buddy. We tried going with digital delivery only for a spell but have went back to offering USB’s for couples who live close by and digital delivery for those who are further afield. We hand delivery the USB’s as it gives a chance to meet up with the couple after the wedding and see how they are getting on and go through their album options with them. We missed that when we went digital delivery only although obviously with the current situation we are doing digital delivery for anything we have outstanding at the moment.

  3. I totally agree with you, Albert. It’s lovely to give couples something tangible they can touch and feel. These look great quality too.. 🙂

  4. We loved getting a beautifully packaged gift box with not only a USB, but also a couple of pre-printed snaps. It was such a thoughtful way to provide our photos and so unexpected – the USB was also super useful to display them on devices like other laptops/tv screens etc. The new USB sticks look great too!

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