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Year 3 – A Look Back Over The Year


Today is the 1st March. It’s the day that marks the point where I became fully self employed. Good bye day job! Today my business turns three years old.

I will be celebrating with cake.

Wow. Here I am. The scary third year. I remember reading somewhere that the first three years of any business were the make or break years. If you could get through them then you had a good chance of making a long career of it. That might be nonsense – but to me, it there is a certain significance to it all. In some ways I find it incredible. When you work for yourself you can’t really forecast where you’ll be 18 months away. In other ways I’m extremely thankful for what I’m able to do.

It doesn’t really feel like a ‘job’,  so much, although I work incredibly long hours. Even through the winter I’ve been putting in so many hours. Worked harder than I have ever done before. But really, its just a whole lotta fun. This last year it has finally started to sink in that this is a business. I’ve always taken what I do seriously and I pinch myself sometimes that I can support myself doing this. If a fortune teller had told me that my job would rely on being quiet, observing others and being paid for it then I would have been amazed.

But it’s been a strange path here. I didn’t study photography at university and I don’t have a business degree. Rather I spent quite a few years doing different jobs. Mainly office based. Investments. Design. Admin. Pensions (!!!!). So it really does feel incredible to have found my real calling. I feel incredibly happy and incredibly humbled. I really can’t wait for 2013 weddings to start. It’s going to be a great year and I’ve been so lucky to have been booked by all the wonderful couples. Some I’ve met, many I haven’t. In any case I can’t wait to play my small role in your wedding day. A huge thank you to all couples past and present who have put your faith in me.

I’d also like to wave my hat to the many friends I’ve made along the way. Couples who have booked me. Other vendors who I’ve worked with. And also to the many other ‘photographer friends’ who I feel I’m sharing this journey with. High five!

I’ve heard it said so many times and always wanted to believe, that if you work hard and put your soul in to it then you really can achieve anything.

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  1. That’s a lovely post! Congratulations on 3 years in business! You have definitely come so far, and I really enjoy following your journey and your work through the blog! Here is to many more good years!

  2. Bert, you are a true inspiration. You have true talent, you have worked hard and made so many people happy along the way – you deserve to be successful. Trust me, I think you’ll be doing this ‘job’ for a very long time!

  3. Congratulations on your 3rd birthday – you are an amazing photographer and its great that with all your hard work things are going so well – Well done

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