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The Blog is Back

Just a quick note to any readers that I have made some big changes so that the pages now load properly! I feel pretty stupid writing this but I wasn’t aware that archived pages on the main blog page weren’t formatting properly. Not only this, it was not possible to navigate to any of the other pages of my website. This solved the ‘why isn’t anyone clicking through to see my gallery etc.’ mystery that that I’ve been wondering about for the last few months!

This all arose as I decided to delete a few photographs that weren’t being used on my wedding photography website. I then decided to have a look at the broken links report to see whether I needed to re-link anything. This showed me that there were a lot more broken links than I thought so I decided to investigate.

I discovered the page error and it took two hours to figure out why it was happening (not too hard) and then think of a solution (not so easy!)

Anyway, everything is now displaying as it should. I plan on making a few more visual changes to the Bristol wedding photography blog so that archived pages look a little nicer, but at least readers can read my blog entries ee the web pages as they are supposed to be!

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