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2013 | Review

Wow. The end of 2013. These are my 2013 wedding photos – one for each wedding. In the tradition of 2011 and 2012 here is a look back through the year.

Looking back through all of the photographs I can’t help but feel pretty nostalgic. There have been so many highlights, so many happy times and moments I’m thankful to have witnessed. But through the haze of long early morning and late night car journeys I feel like 2013 went way too quickly for me. Even though it’s not yet over (2 more weddings to go!) I remember how I felt at the start of the year. I had built up so much anticipation of 2013. And now 12,882 miles later I’m back in the same position thinking about 2014.

I though after getting married and buying a house in 2012 that it would be a tough year to beat. But 2013 has been brilliant. My wife and I (yaaaaay!) are about half way through renovating our home. We invited in two little furry friends (cats!) to share it with and I can’t wait to start work in 2014. I’ve got a few little wedding related project ideas that I intend to bring to every wedding. Even though my wife says that I work too hard creatively I can’t wait to get started. The beauty of photography is that you never stop learning. And even with all the experience you gain, never stop trying to improve on the last image you took.

I’ve now come to the end of my third year which makes me feel a little old. Partly because things move so quickly in the wedding industry but also because it doesn’t seem so long ago that I was still finding my feet and juggling wedding photography with a day job. They say the first three years of a business are the make or break years so I feel pretty proud to have made it.

Anyway. A massive, massive thank you to all the couples who invited me to come along and play a small part in their big day. It fills me with joy to know that the images I take will go on to be looked at and celebrated for years to come. Through generations. Hung on walls. Sat on mantlepieces. Printed out. Emailed. Shared. Maybe in a wallet or purse, or a book under the coffee table. They are images that will be treasured and remembered. And I feel fortunate to be able to give such an important gift.

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  1. What an amazing year. A fab selection of shots but I especially love *that* rain shot and the shot with the cat. Here’s to an equally brilliant 2014.

  2. Brilliant, Albert! What a year you’ve had. Love the yawn capture, and that outside rain shot is definitely a keeper too…;) Awesome man.

  3. Absolutely brilliant AP! I love how you’ve summarised a whole year in these pictures, but I bet it was hard to pick just one from each wedding. I always love looking through your work and I have to drop in that I’ve really enjoyed the weddings I’ve tagged along with you for too – it’s been a highlight of my year to join you for those, so thank you. I’m pretty sure every blog post of yours that I’ve looked at has made me laugh at least once (in a good way!!) and in this one, the yawning shot did it as it caught me unawares!!! Brilliant!

  4. What an amazing year for you! Your photos are gorgeous and all of your couples look like they had so much fun while getting their photos taken! Here’s to a wonderful 2014 for you 🙂

  5. Wow … What amazing photos … Been to many a wedding over the years and have seen many a wedding album … But your photographs are so unique and capture the moment perfectly ….. No wonder you are excited about 2014 …. Good luck with everything you do …. P. S Beck’s & Richard who got married last month on Lundy are my partners cousins (well Bec’s is )

  6. Seriously classy wedding photography Albert, what a great year you’ve had. All the best for 2014, the only way is up! 🙂

  7. Ahhh Bert, these are GORGEOUS!!! Congratulations on another epic year, gf giving all those lovely couples of yours stunning images <3 xx

  8. I love them all, Bert. I’m so drawn to your “English” way of shooting (people in beautiful settings not taking themselves too seriously, add lots of humor and sweetness and light-what’s not to love?)

  9. Another amazing year Bert. Your photography really has a distinctive look, I often see a photo on flickr and immediately think “that’s a Bert Palmer.” 95% of the time I’m right.

  10. What a great year! As I look through your collection of images I am struck by how light, happy, optimistic, charming, and overall inspiring they are. I can’t wait to see what you produce in 2014. Happy new year to you, the Mrs, and the cats. J x

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