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Best Wedding Photography of 2019


It’s tough to recall all of the events that took place in 2019. It’s been a really busy year!

Also, it’s the end of a decade… and it marks my 10 years as a full time wedding photographer which is a lot to think about.

2019 has been filled with plenty of banging weddings. Loads of amazing celebrations in the south west, London, Surrey, Mallorca, Iceland, Italy and France. Again – I’m not quite sure how. But I’ve been really fortunate to capture so many amazing moments. Weddings where it was too hot to move from the shade and weddings where it rained almost all day. I took photos on top of and underneath a glacier. I even had two weddings in the city of Bristol this year, under 15 minutes travel from my house!

I’ve definitely grateful for all of these experiences.

Each year reinforces to me that it’s who you are with, not where you are. Weddings are all about the people. It feels a cliche to say that each year, but it’s so true. The photos I take are valued because of the people who are in them and are really precious memories. Whilst I find my work a lot of fun it’s sobering to think about how meaningful these photos are.

Now I’ve had the unenviable task of collating a ‘best of 2019’ blog post. Whilst I still have a few more weddings before the end of the year, I’ve sorted through roughly 40,000 delivered photos. These are the final 180 (sorry!)

A massive thank you to all of the amazing couples who had me at their wedding in 2019. As always, it’s been my privilege to capture these memories for you. It’s a real honour and I love giving your weddings 100% to make the best images I can. I don’t let rain, wind, snow or sun get in the way of this. I wish you the happiest 2020 and beyond!

For 2020 I’ve put together new packaging for prints. I’ve found new (cheaper) wedding albums which will be available in addition to Fine Art Albums.

Photography is one of those things that is tough to master. So, I’m looking forward to resting a little over the winter but I’m looking to up my game even further in 2020. Until then – enjoy my ‘best of 2019.’

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  1. Huge fan of your work here Albert! You’ve definitely got the knack of capturing really great moments! Well done on your 10 years! Time to put your feet up … for a month or two maybe!

  2. Have always truly admired your work Albert! What an awesome year! So many beautiful moments, captured with ultimate perfection! Some of the venues you have worked at are incredible as well. Looking forward to seeing what 2020 brings for you 🙂

  3. Looks like a stinking good year Albert! You really get stuck into these moments and come out with fruitful results! Well done on hitting a decade too, always a source of inspiration for sure. ✌?

  4. Absolute class set of images buddy, LOVED LOVED going through these and the bride an groom jumping in the pool is so my fave, absolute nailed that and everything else in this sublime set!!

    top notch mate!!


  5. Simply stunning as ever Albert! There are some incredible moments in here combined with some truly beautiful portraits. A masterclass! And that swimming pool shot, ace! What a year and congrats on making it 10 years!!

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