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Nikki & Stuart | Iscoyd Park | Wedding Photos

Iscoyd Park Wedding Photographer


I can’t beleive it has taken me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long to show you Nikki and Stu’d wedding photographs at Iscoyd Park. It is especially shameful of me because it was so memorable. More about that in a minute! But yes, back in March (when it was sunny) I travelled up to Shropshire for their wedding. My first time as an Iscoyd Park wedding photographer – what an incredible venue!

We did talk on the phone about their wedding plans. Amongst other things they mentioned that they might have a little surprise, so I should keep my eyes open. Quite a few people say this. Maybe it’s a magician who shows up to entertain guests or a special wedding cake. They said they couldn’t tell me any more as they weren’t sure of the details and so we left it at that.

The Wedding Ceremony


Fast forward to the ceremony. You know. The really important, emotional bit. The best man is just about to hand the rings over when non other than Keith Lemon (AKA celebrity comic Leigh Francis) bursts in to the room followed by an ITV film crew. I didn’t know where to focus! With him was their lovely excited dog who was to be the ring bearer as he had the rings tied to a cushion on his back!  I actually couldn’t believe how emotional and fun the whole episode was.

I had always imagined that having a TV crew at your wedding (Four weddings etc.) would some how distract from the importance of it all. But hand on heart I can honestly say that in this instance they really added to the experience.

The next surprise of the day bought a few tears. Keith Lemon flew in some of Nikki and Stu’s closest friends from Australia. They walked in the door during the speeches and it was a really emotional scene.

The third surprise was their first dance was 2 become 1. The Spice Girls. As crazy as that sounds it was one of the happiest, most emotional first dances I’ve seen where the whole room danced together, singing the lyrics. It was a cheese fest but it was beautiful.

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  1. Albert you make every single wedding look perfect. I love these photographs. Your are a wedding photography genius.

    Kind Regards,

    Your BIGGEST (not quite literally) fan!

  2. So happy to see them on your website! I completely forgot I said there might be a surprise. But they had actually called 3 weeks before so say we hadn’t been picked…so we had no idea and were as socked (well almost!) as our guests. We can’t stop looking at them and they reflected all the madness, emotion, hilarity and fun of the day. Thank you again for the lovely words and the most wonderful photos, Mr & Mrs Baillie xxx

  3. Great photos Bert, as usual, there is just so much emotion in many of them. You can;t help but smile at how cool that wedding was for the couple.

  4. Fantaaaastic!!! OMG Bert, I think you surpassed yourself with this one. Perfect capturing of every moment and every emotion. The reactions to the dog and the surprise guests are priceless. So beautiful.

  5. WOW! The emotion that you capture at this wedding was superb! And their portraits, especially the first two are killer! Great job!

  6. oooooh Bert, I don’t know how I missed these! HOW FLIPPING ACE are these… Keith Awesome Lemon too, to boot! wowzers Bert – and was the broken guest (woman) on the dance floor fixed? They are amazingly bendy legs!

  7. amazing photos! I love the one of them infront of the big magnolia tree! Sounds like they had a fun filled evening! Amazing!

  8. Such lovely comments by people! It just brings it all back 😀 xxx.

  9. Aw, wonderful photos! You certainly captured to emotions of the day…simply glorious!

  10. beautiful photos, I especially love the one inside the venue and the ordinary moment of the ironing board!

  11. Bert, these are awesome, love the dance floor shots and bloody hell Keith Lemon as a guest! I would have been celebrity struck.

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